1954 Radio Handbook, ARRL The Radio Amateur’s Handbook


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Really nice copy, very slight cover wear at edges.

We found this nice 1954 Radio Handbook, our radio tech shelf is full so it needs a new home. These handbooks cover similar amateur radio topics but have new and different material each year. Different projects, different technologies as they come into use. As the handbook is only so large, interesting subjects and materials that are older tech get reduced space, or have to be omitted completely. For that reason I have half a dozen different handbooks myself. they range from early 1930s to the present. For good tube circuits you would certainly want some older ones. For add-ons to use with classic 1970s transceivers, a handbook from the 70s would be nice.

Contents of the 1954 Radio Handbook:

  1. Amateur Radio
  2. Electrical Laws and Circuits
  3. Vacuum-Tube Principles
  4. High-Frequency Communication
  5. High-Frequency Receivers
  6. High-Frequency Transmitters
  7. Power Supplies
  8. Keying and Break-In
  9. Speech Amplifiers and Modulators
  10. Amplitude Modulation
  11. Frequency and Phase Modulation
  12. Reduced-Carrier and Single-Sideband
  13. Transmission Lines
  14. Antennas
  15. About VHF
  16. VHF Receivers
  17. VHF Transmitters
  18. VHF Antennas
  19. UHF and Microwave Communication
  20. Mobile Equipment
  21. Measurements
  22. Assembling a Station
  23. BCI and TVI
  24. Construction Practices
  25. Operating a Station
  26. Miscellaneous Data
  27. Vacuum-Tube Data

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