Collins 479S-5 VOR Audio Generator Technical Manual


Flight Director Indicator Overhaul Manual with IPL (illustrated parts list)

part number: 523-0761546-761113, 7th revision nov 1/1979

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Collins 479S-5VOR Audio Generator Technical Manual

part number: 523-0766581-101111, 1st revision may 1978

The 479S-5 VOR Audio Generator provides a VOR composite signal which, when amplitude modulating an rf signal generator, is used to calibrate and test airborne VOR receivers. In addition to this composite signal, any one of the VOR tone frequencies making up the composite signal may be selected.

Manual includes operation instructions, theory of operation, troubleshooting procedures, schematics and parts list.

This came from a Rockwell Collins radio test equipment manual library long term storage.

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