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Parking Lot Antics

Engineers are like that

Around 1960 or ’61, when the first addition was built on the Fabrication building west of C avenue, hard surfacing of the parking lot did not get completed before winter weather set in. The gravel base was a muddy mess with many large water filled potholes. Employees had to don rubbers and overshoes to walk between the buildings and where they parked, distances up to several hundred yards. Such a situation was not to be overlooked by the creative minds of a small group of office workers.

American know how and German engineering

Making a trip to an auto salvage yard in southwest Cedar Rapids, they acquired the roof of a Volkswagen bug automobile. Making sure the lot was free of any onlookers, they strategically placed the car top in one of the large potholes. The desire results of their prank soon unfolded. Another employee rushed into the building and informed the guard at the entrance that a car had been swallowed up by a pothole. A flurry of activity followed, with maintenance supervisors quickly arriving to look over the scene, until realizing a hoax had occurred. The hole soon was filled with a truckload of rock”

This was an excerpt from Arthur Collins Radio Wizard