Collins Radio The First 50 Years NEW Hardcover


The original Collins Radio History publication, produced in 1983 for the Collins 50th anniversary celebration. This is the hardcover edition and included dust jacket. In excellent condition.

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The official Rockwell International published history of Collins Radio Company. This book does not provide the same perspective of the company as our other book Arthur Collins Radio Wizard. I heard once, that when asked by someone to sign this book Arthur Collins wrote something that was not exactly kind in the book instead. This book was published in 1983 which represented the 50th anniversary of the company. I worked there at that time and was surprised that Arthur Collins did not attend at all. It is a very interesting book, and even more so if you compare it with Radio Wizard when reading it. This book could be either a new copy or one in mint condition as I have both and it is hard to tell them apart.

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